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Endoscopic carpal tunnel release
Carpal Clip



The Carpal Clip is an

endoscopic carpal tunnel release.

Encompassess ligament above and below

Provides superior visualization

Safely transects

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The Carpal Clip has two arms that slide above and below the ligament to firmly grasp and hold the device in place preventing unwanted fatty tissue infiltration. This allows for optimal visualization both above and below the ligament to allow for safe transection.


One device is used for either a right or left carpal tunnel release or both for bilateral cases. 

Because the device grasps and holds the ligament, the surgeons hands are freed from holding the device in place and can be used to manipulate instruments.


The device allows for a standard endoscope (ubiquitously present at all hospitals) up to 4mm in diameter.


The Carpal Clip anterograde knife rides within the designated knife slot and is guided by the scope for directional use, making carpal ligament transection accurate.

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Below Carpal Ligament
Above Carpal Ligament
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actual endoscope view-revised2.png
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Same device can be used for a right or left carpal tunnel release

The Carpal Clip is tapered to mimic the taper of the TCL to 

 firmly grasp and hold the  ligament, keeping the device in place and ensuring no unwanted structures enter view

Knife and probe slot allows for easy transection

Endoscope inserts through either top or bottom port which  allows for easy visualization above or below the ligament, respectively 

The anterograde knife rides along scope placed in either port to provide the surgeon the choice of view above or below ligament during the transection 


When endoscope is inserted in either top or bottom port of Carpal Clip, upon adding the anterograde knife the top or bottom slot will be 

used respectively  

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